A Statement of Expectation when working with Sub-contractors

Policy Statement

The National College for Advanced Transport & Infrastructure (NCATI) is committed to delivering high quality training for apprenticeships and training. This statement outlines our relationship with sub-contractors, which areas we sub-contract, the process for choosing a sub-contractor and how we determine the associated costs.


This policy applies to apprenticeships delivered and advertised by NCATI or any successor organisations.

Overarching Principle

In line with the fundamental values of NCATI we will commit to the overarching principle of optimising the impact and effectiveness of service delivery to the learner by:

  • Undertaking fair and transparent procurement activities, conducting robust due diligence procedures.
  • Relating any management fee to the costs of services provided.

Subcontracting Process

Upon commencement of the sub-contracting process, NCATI will consider a Business Case Proposal to ensure that the subcontracting will be in the best interests of all parties.

We will ensure that:

  • The proposed delivery is in the best interests of learners
  • The proposed delivery has a clear strategic fit with our mission, objectives and values (Safety, Pioneering, Inclusive, Collaborate, Excellence)
  • There is sufficient expertise within NCATI and/or an Awarding Body to quality assure the provision and delivery
  • There is sufficient staff resource in support areas to administer the processes
  • The sub-contractor is approved by our due diligence process (including alignment to the College’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy)
  • There is sufficient funding available within our funding contract
  • We demonstrate value for money
  • The sub-contractor agrees to work within the terms of our contract

All subcontracted provision must fulfil at least one of the following aims:

  • To support the strategic objectives of the College or local / national government (e.g. creating progression into apprenticeships)
  • To serve a specific demographic need that would not otherwise be met (e.g. hard-to-reach learners)
  • To bring positive community benefits
  • To build capacity in high demand subjects areas
  • Deliver learning, qualifications or part of a qualification that otherwise could not be offered within NCATI

Monitoring the Quality of Teaching and Learning for Sub-contractors

Sub-contracted partners will be expected to meet NCATI quality assurance standards. NCATI is committed to supporting, developing and sharing good practice and professional development of staff through a variety of methods and means.

Where content or delivery is sub-contracted the quality of provision will be monitored and managed through our quality improvement processes and policy. This may include review by auditors and advisers of the College.

Sub-contracted Content/Areas

NCATI will agree with potential partners the areas that will be sub-contracted.

Management Fees

NCATI may charge a management fee to subcontracted partner organisations, the fee varying depending on the delivery agreed and the management activity that will be required. The exact mix and level of support for each sub-contractor varies according to the needs of the individual sub-contractor. Each sub-contractor will receive a high level of support and guidance and access to any NCATI  systems they may require.

The management fee may be increased where:

  • a College Risk Assessment deems a sub-contractor to be a Medium or High risk, or;
  • If a higher level of administrative and management support is necessary for a particular subcontractor.

The management fee may be decreased where:

  • a College Risk Assessment deems a sub-contractor low risk, and;
  • The level of administrative and management support required is significantly lower than for other subcontractors.

NCATI will strive to ensure that fee arrangements for the differing subcontractors are fair based on all the information gathered.

If additional/exceptional services or support are required NCATI reserves the right to charge a separate fee which will be agreed with the sub-contractor. This will be explained and discussed in the annual review with the sub-contractor.

Contingency Plan

If for any reason, financial or otherwise, a sub-contractor is unable to continue delivery either temporarily or permanently; NCATI will work with the sub-contractor to ensure the continuity of delivery for learners enrolled on College programmes appropriate to the circumstances.

Options may include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivery at College, or other appropriate, premises
  • Delivery using College staff
  • Transfer of delivery to an alternative sub-contractor

Payment Arrangements

Payments are made monthly by the end of the following month in which the activity is successfully processed and on receipt of suitable evidence.

  • Following validation of the evidence in the ILR return, NCATI will make the appropriate payment to the sub-contractor based on the level of income calculated by the validation process in that month less the agreed management fee.
  • Payments are made by BACS transfer to a pre-notified UK bank account.
  • NCATI requires sub-contractors to confirm the accuracy of payments by reviewing the monthly remittance advices and identifying inaccuracies.

Policy Communication

The Policy will be discussed with all sub-contractors during contract negotiation meetings and reviewed at least annually. Any changes will be notified to sub-contractors as part of a regular performance review or via separate correspondence.