Apprenticeship Recruitment

Taking on an apprentice or upskilling your existing staff

Contact our Employer Engagement Team on 0330 120 0375 to tell us what your needs are and we’ll find the right solution for you. We can discuss costs and how to make use of any funding available. You can then decide whether you want to recruit your apprentice yourself or work with the College to help you.

  • STAGE 1

    Discuss your needs and agree the role NCATI will play in supporting you in the recruitment process
  • STAGE 2

    Develop / review the proposed job description, aligning to the needs of the business and the required apprenticeship standard
  • STAGE 3

    Promotion of the vacancy:
    • Agree job advert
    • Handled by NCATI or NCATI to support the employer
    • If required, NCATI can promote vacancies to our talent pool, via our website and through the Government's online tool Recruit an Apprentice
  • STAGE 4

    Identifying candidate for apprenticeship:
    • Agree the interview or selection process
    • NCATI will screen shortlisted candidates for all apprenticeships
  • STAGE 5

    Apprenticeship is confirmed and the NCATI team will support you and the apprentice throughout the apprenticeship journey

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