Apprenticeship Recruitment

Once you have decided that recruiting apprentices is good for your business, NCATI will do the rest. We offer a free recruitment service designed to help you find the right apprentice for your organisation.

Get in touch to discuss your specific recruitment needs, or to find out more about how recruiting an apprentice could benefit you.

Matching you with the best new talent

We will support you throughout the entire recruitment process. First, we will work with you to identify the skills, attitudes, and competencies you expect from the potential apprentice. We will then create and advertise the role on your behalf and screen each candidate prior to submitting to you for final review.

  • STAGE 1

    Discuss your needs and agree the role NCATI will play in supporting you in the recruitment process
  • STAGE 2

    Develop/review the proposed job description, aligning to the needs of your business and the required apprenticeship standard
  • STAGE 3

    Promote the vacancy:
    • Agree job advert (handled by NCATI or NCATI to support the employer)
    • Advertise the vacancy via NCATI's talent pool, website, and the National Apprenticeship Service website
  • STAGE 4

    Identify the best candidate:
    • Agree the interview or selection process
    • NCATI will screen shortlisted candidates for all apprenticeships
  • STAGE 5

    Apprenticeship is confirmed and the NCATI team will support you and the apprentice throughout the apprenticeship journey