Congratulations Ryan for achieving a distinction!

Congratulations Ryan for achieving a distinction!

We want to congratulate Ryan for achieving a distinction in his Level 4 High Speed Rail and Infrastructure Advanced Technician apprenticeship.

Ryan is 22, based in Birmingham and an employee for Atkins. We recently sat down with him and discussed his journey studying at the college. It was a pleasure to hear how during his apprenticeship he produced quality work at his job and achieved his academic goals at NCATI.

Could you describe your journey to becoming an apprentice at NCATI?

I was passionate about engineering and because of this, I was looking for an opportunity to get into the industry. I managed to achieve this by securing a role at Atkins. I found the apprenticeship offer appealing because I was able to gain experience from the job and learn the theory alongside it at NCATI.

Tell us about your apprenticeship experience

I found the experience to be challenging at the beginning, as there were a lot of changes and disruptions because of COVID-19. I had to adapt to the new systems that were being put in place alongside learning new subjects and topics that I had not come across before.

The college staff were very helpful in getting us accustomed to the changes, making sure that the adaptations worked for the benefit of the students. Lecture playback was a feature amongst other tools that were integrated into how sessions were delivered. This made revision for assignments a lot easier and more efficient because I was able to go back and listen to the information that I needed.

How did you manage to achieve your goals?

I managed to achieve my goals by doing extra research and working on my assignments straight away. This gave me a head start on my work and the extra time meant that I could get my work to a standard that I was happy with. The lecturers were also very helpful in how they supported us through the apprenticeship. They gave us good feedback and delivered sessions in creative ways that helped us get our heads around the content.

One of the things they did that was helpful was putting up information and lecture notes on Canvas. This allowed me to do extended reading outside of classes, find relevant information with ease, and give me the capability to improve my study regimen.

What are you doing now?

I have my Signalling Design Assistant Licence now and I’m going to use the next year to focus on my experience in the industry. I’ll be pushing myself to grow my skills, knowledge and understanding, applying what I’ve learnt to all the projects I work on at Atkins.

My goal in the future is to attain a Level 6 qualification, as this will diversify the work that I’ll be able to do and increase my level of knowledge beyond design. I’m excited about this because I’ll be able to step into different fields and grow as an engineer.


It is with great pleasure that we celebrate Ryan and all he has managed to achieve at the college. Ryan, we will continue to support you and we wish you the best of luck in your career!