Level 2 Rail Academy


The Level 2 Rail Academy is designed to get learners quickly into work as a Track Maintenance Operative.  Learners will study with us on this highly practical programme for 8 weeks and will acquire the skills, knowledge, behaviours and qualifications needed to work on the rail network, trackside.

Teaching, learning and assessment

In the first six weeks, learners will complete two qualifications:

1 x Level 2 Diploma in Rail Engineering Track Maintenance (knowledge)

1 x Level 2 Diploma in Rail Engineering Track Maintenance (competency)

They will be assessed through the observation of practical skills (competency) and completion of a written assignment (knowledge)

Upon completion of the two qualifications above, learners will:

  • Begin their Rail Induction
  • Undertake PTS
  • Undertake First Aid Certificate
  • Undertake Heavy Lifting Certificate
  • Undertake drugs and alcohol testing

Course content

Over the course of this programme, learners will:

  • Prepare to undertake duties in the rail industry
  • Undertake routine manual maintenance of the permanent way
  • Carry out corrective manual adjustments to permanent way assets
  • Reinstate the work site after permanent way engineering activities
  • Assist in preparing resources for permanent way activities
  • Undertake replacement of permanent way assets and components
  • Restore track geometry faults to operational condition by the manual repair of permanent way assets and components


  • Prepare small plant, measuring equipment and tools for permanent way renewal or maintenance
  • Deal with incidents and contingencies within the railway environment
  • Lift and move permanent way materials, components and equipment
  • Monitor the performance and condition of permanent way assets
  • Restore rail switches and crossings to operational condition

Course duration

  • 8 weeks
  • Full time (35 hours a week, 09:00 - 16:30 every day)


Doncaster campus only

Entry requirements

Aged 19+, with a desire to work trackside

Course costs

This course is FREE for all adults.


Employment as a Track Maintenance Operative working trackside
Fast-track into an expanding and well-paid industry