Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision, mission and values were developed in consultation with our staff, students and key stakeholders. They sit at the heart of everything that we do.

Our vision is: 

To create a highly successful, financially sustainable and inclusive National College for Advanced Transport and Infrastructure that provides high quality education and training that meets the needs of all our learners, sectoral partners and local communities and supports local, regional and national economic growth.

Our mission is: 

To produce a new generation of highly skilled professionals to lead Britain’s future rail, transport and infrastructure workforce. 

Our values:

  • Safety: We will embed safety into our everyday thinking and practices to ensure the continued health and wellbeing of our students, staff and partners.
  • Pioneering: We will develop new approaches to training delivery, have courage to innovate and challenge the norm to create long-lasting positive change.
  • Inclusive: We will create an inclusive and exciting environment that demonstrates what the future of rail will look like, attracting a broad and diverse audience.
  • Collaborate: We will establish and value sustained partnerships, committed to productive and progressive ways of working together to the benefit of our learners and stakeholders.
  • Excellence: We will deliver the best in all we do, raise industry standards of technical skills training and demonstrate excellence in all that we deliver.